• No more road rage!
    White ceramic small oyster shell filled with two blooming earthenware flowers to slide onto your car air vent. Enjoy as it is for a beautiful addition to your environment or add a drop of your favourite essential oil blend to destress.
    Cool, calm & collected- a wonderful way to bring a new energy into your car journey. Makes a lovely gift.
    Why not include a bottle of 10ml essential oil with your diffuser - Choices of Peace Synergy or Lavender from The Aromatherapy Company who produce beautiful organic soil association approved oils. Peace is a blend of cedar wood, mandarin & ylang ylang to help your mind & body to unwind while promoting a sense of tranquility... bliss! Option to add to your order.

    Essential Oil Car Vent Diffuser

    • Please use essential oils safely and consult an aromatherapist if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any health conditions before using. Keep away from children and pets.

      Clay is a porous material and so natural cracking may occur. Do not place near an open flame or ignite or ingest the diffuser pieces.